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Unban appeal - PSYCHO-PROJECT.EU

Unban appeal

Zde pište žádosti o ban, nebo unban.
Here is section for ban and unban.

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Unban appeal

Postby Misho » Tue 21. Jan 2020 18:39:07

Name character : Getrektfagt , Stifflar

Reason why u get ban : "Arena bug"

Name Admin/GM which BANNED your char/Acc : Aquarius

Pattern for unban:

Hello there! Well im only 1 week here and I already have to do an unban appeal.. The reason I got banned is "Arena bug" Which I have no idea what I have done , and what I have bugged? Yesterday me and my brother did 10 arenas , and now both the accounts are banned, we havent abused anything or done something against the rules. I would like to get unban since we are pretty much enjoyin to play on this server, we havent tried anything against the server rules , and we havent try to bug something either.

Sincerely your's - Misho

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Re: Unban appeal

Postby Damien » Tue 21. Jan 2020 19:04:42

Hi there, Misho.

After taking into account the fact that you're new, I need to clear out a few things.
1. We have arena logs, where we see IP's, damage done, killing blows and so on. The most important part here are the IP's.
2. It seems that both the players in your team have the same IP, and your opposing team (Krum and Kovalski, whom I also banned) you've played against, share an IP as well, but different from yours.
3. Also, after consideration of the fact that during some arenas, 3/4 characters did 0 damage, I believe it would be safe to assume that you and your friend were bugging arenas.
Now, seeing as you are a relatively new player, and so is your friend, I will unban the four characters.

IN SHORT: Multi-boxing in arenas is NOT ALLOWED and is bannable. Win-trading, meaning losing against the opposing team on purpose, is considered a bannable offense, too.

Do keep in mind, though, that the next time I catch you do something like that, it definitely won't go like this.

As of now, all of the characters have been unbanned.

Best wishes,
~ Aquarius.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
SubAdmin Aquarius

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